If Crescent Arts were a Tree

I was commissioned by Crescent Arts as artist-evaluator in residence at their Annual General Meeting, significantly posed at a moment of change for the Scarborough-based visual arts studios.

The brief was to capture and respond to what was said, the results of which were to be sent out as an attachment to their newsletter and via socials, to talk of what happened in the meeting and plans underway.

As well as attending the meeting I was sent visioning and planning documents.

I was struck by the use of the word ‘rooted’ in their new vision statement, and the idea grew from there…

‘Crescent Arts is a vibrant creative hub rooted in Scarborough’, Crescent Arts vision statement 2020  

I produced a zine – the results of which you can see here – along with an accompanying, poetic text.

The zine and text thinks about Crescent Arts as a tree and the networks and cycles it connects with and hopes to grow: posing: If Crescent Arts is a tree, then Scarborough is the soil.

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