GAZE: Feminist RISO Zine for Peterborough

Between 2019 – 20 I worked to support the brilliant Amanda Rigby of Paper Rhino develop and realise a series of 4 feminist RISO zine’s for Peterborough: GAZE!

The aim of the zine was to platform the artistic talent contained within the city and to celebrate the local scene and show that you don’t have to leave the city to ‘make it’.

We commissioned 24 artists to create 2 pieces of original work for the zines, convening a curatorial panel to support in the selection and editorial process.

Amanda then ran intro to RISO workshops for all 24 artists, who learnt to create work in this format! Members of the 24 also then worked to produce and disseminate the zine, in creative ways. Below you can view a snippet of the beautiful process as it unfolded.

As well as supporting with the development and delivery of this project, I was also commissioned as one of the 24 artists. Here you can view issue 2 of zine which features my work (with a poem on the reverse), and seeks to capture the benefits I experience in interacting with green spaces.

You can read more about the project here.

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